Sunday, September 25, 2011

new member of the bed society

The bed society already has 9 members which are:

1. Dollah
2. Blue
3. Mr. Moo
4. Tipah
5. Stripey
6. Greeny
7. Mr Pillow 1
8. Mr Pillow 2
9. Blanket

should i or shouldn't i post every picture of them??? need lah...hihi...on the 23rd September 2011..a new member has registered in this society and became the 10th member...all of the former member welcomed her....

*drum roll*

presenting...the 10th member of the society..tadaaa...

i haven't decided her name yet...i wanted to call her smurfy but then kak ti and  myn said 'berbelit lidah nk sebut' i'm still considering few names that can be called easily and not ber'belit'ing anyone's lidah...

thanx to incik bdk society grew bigger and bigger...hehe...



saMbalkEtukmeManGsEdaP said...

letak gamba..1 vote..ehehehe

aiNaz said...

haha...memandai je umai..hehe