Friday, September 30, 2011

|happy time|


malam semalam, kelas sy wat bbq kat tasik ayer keroh...we needed to pay RM10 and we can eat all the much as we want..hehe....ade bihun goreng, ayam ng ikan bakar, sate Fendi (die ade jual sate) ng sausage...ari plak, ribenaaaaaaa ng milo...hehe...i had so much sy mkn sate je 5 cucuk ng ayam sikit ng ikan sikit...bihun tu pedas, g pun xde selera..perut da penuh angin ade bnyk n my housemates kutip bnyk2 pastu sorok..hehe...ade kopok durian tuh (my favourite), ade choco chip ade power ring pastu ade kcang...hehe...sonok2...last skali, tgkap gmbar rmy2....dlm pkul 11 pm kitorg xlik terus..jaja bwk ktorg g jejalan, tgk hotel bru bukak kt bndar hilir tuh...satu mlm RM800...mahal siot...xpela x g duk sane pn..hehe..pastu spjg perjalanan tuh, ktorg berlima menyanyi je..sume lagu nyanyi..kepala die kak ti ng myn...hehehe...pastu nmpk plak ade funfair kt are masjid selat...trus bhenti...mule2 naik ali baba ng reyha..die nk naik sgt, sy teman la..ktorg bdua je yg nek bnde tu pastu die pusing2....huiyooo...cooooool gile bile trun...haha...pastu jaja nk nek space shuttle, sy ng reyha teman die...yg tu pening sket sb die asyik back and forth...pastu jalan2 jap bg jaja btenang..then balik...hohoho..otw balik pn nyanyi2 lg..hehe...

k la..tu je cite tgh tggu ibu dtg nk g seremban..ade knduri sok...tata...


Thursday, September 29, 2011

|perjumpaan ng PA|


last post before i go to bed....we had 'perjumpaan dgn PA' at dewan besar kampus induk UTeM....all of us wore baju kurung..haha...hehe...sume cantik ok....then, at 10.30 baru dpt makan...haiya....reyha siap smpt tido kt surau...hehehe..since i'm very sleepy..i'll just post the pic for today k??gud nite...sleep tight...

 myn ckp die gedik...hehhe


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sorry - Buckcherry


Oh I had a lot to say was thinking on my time away
I missed you and things weren't the same
Cause everything inside it never comes out right
And when I see you cry it makes me want to die
I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue, I'm sorry about all things I said to you
And I know I can't take it back
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds, and baby the way you make my world go round
And I just wanted to say I'm sorry:
This time I think I'm to blame it's harder to get through the days
You get older and blame turns to shame
Every single day I think about how we came all this way
The sleepless nights and the tears you cried it's never too late to make it right
Oh yeah sorry!


i hate the way i end my Tuesday..when we had a fight, always turned out that i'm the one at fault and i am so ego to admit the end, he'll be the one who apologized first..

i'm sorry for what i've done...

Monday, September 26, 2011



we had our dinner at malim around 9 pm...watched supermak and continued with the eye, but watch for about half an hour je...time to go home.....eeeee....scaaaarrrryyyy la that many hantu hantu.....muahahahahaha...ouh, i didn't finish my mee no selera la....tomorrow, fasting with reyha n jaja n kak ti...myn??she had completed qadha'ing' her, chill y'all..have a nice day tomorrow..

gud nite peeps...sweet dreams...




me and reyha continue fasting today...for break fast, we had keropok lekor and papaya...and ribena...hehe... we decided, after my bahasa arab class, we will go to malim to eat with the rest of our housemates...but, sadly, it is raining heavily, now at ayer  keroh....due to the rain, me n kak ti had to cancel ourselves from the class...hihi...right now, we still haven;t decided yet when we are going to eat...and suddenly, i imagined domino's pizza..hahaha...*sengal...



|let's eat|

23rd September 2011, Umbai.


thank you for the food...*burp*..alhamdulillah...


Sunday, September 25, 2011


A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. 
-Anne Roiphe-

[the shots]

as i promised last night, i'm going to post few of the pictures taken during the openhouse session...i stole the pictures from myn's fb album...haha...too bad that reyha is not here with us..


new member of the bed society

The bed society already has 9 members which are:

1. Dollah
2. Blue
3. Mr. Moo
4. Tipah
5. Stripey
6. Greeny
7. Mr Pillow 1
8. Mr Pillow 2
9. Blanket

should i or shouldn't i post every picture of them??? need lah...hihi...on the 23rd September 2011..a new member has registered in this society and became the 10th member...all of the former member welcomed her....

*drum roll*

presenting...the 10th member of the society..tadaaa...

i haven't decided her name yet...i wanted to call her smurfy but then kak ti and  myn said 'berbelit lidah nk sebut' i'm still considering few names that can be called easily and not ber'belit'ing anyone's lidah...

thanx to incik bdk society grew bigger and bigger...hehe...


Saturday, September 24, 2011

|the invitations|

hello there..

with all the invitation of openhouse for hari raya makes me feel like i'm a famous person...*haha...

not that soooooooooooooooo many la but only 2 invitations...jebey's and farah's openhouse....jebey is my classmate while farah is u know who 12 noon, 4 cars convoyed from petronas mitc to masjid tanah, which is to jebey's, jaja, kak ti, myn and azie wear baju kurung ok..weeee....about an hour later, we safely arrived at the house and straight to the meja for the day was mee fried chicken also...i only ate the ayam goreng and myn did actualy feeds me with the mee...but only few stomach is not feeling very well...around 2 pm, all 5 of us departed from jebey's house to farah's house...the menu was nasik got myself kepala lemang 2 slices and nasik lemak and ayam goreng 3.40p.m, we went back tired la today and after isyak, around 8.30 pm we went to farah's house for tonight was laksa nyonya...i got myself lemang again and ayam goreng berempah again and brownies and cupcakes...hehehe...there are pictures for both events but the pictures were taken using myn's, we have to wait until she transfers all the pictures...ok???

guess, that's all for tonight...i'm very tired and sleepy...gudnite all....

with love,


Capture of the day

I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.
- Audrey Hepburn - 


|Redang Trip 2011|

assalamualaikum..n hello there..=)

me n my housemates went to redang from 15th - 17th September 2011...the 3d2n trip was amazing and will never be forgotten..a bit (A LOT) late to tell the whole story...few pics of me n my friends..=)


Monday, September 12, 2011


Salam...hello peeps...

Jumaat lepas. dlm pukul 10 pagi, myn call sy...myn nih org petame yg balik ke umah sewa kami kt pn angkatla...myn bgtaw, rumah kami kene masuk pencurik....mmg terkejut la sb mase tgh2 puase sy ade balik umah tu, time tuh alhamdulillah tade pape lg...mungkin pecah masuk ni baru je blaku...pintu xkene kopak pn dan kemungkinan, pencurik nih ade kunci padlock die leh kunci lik padlock tu...pintu kayu xbekunci dan grill tu die selak kat bawah je..brg yg myn dpt detect ilang time tuh peti ais (farah), printer (myn) ng rice cooker (Kak ti)...aduss...da la Sabtu nk balik, bnde cmnih plak pn call kak ti bgtaw psl nih..kak ti kate nnt die inform uncle goh..then sy trus call farah, mitak maaf sb peti ais die ilang....tapi pencurik nih, die xmasuk dlm blik tido..die amik brg2 yg ade kat hall and dapur je...water heater xplak die amik...iron ade, helmet due bijik...kami assume, die amik brg yg die perlukan je...

ari ni sume da balik..kami pn bkumpul la bsembang..bru la pasan, ade lg brg yg ilang...reyha pny storage box ng kotak penuh stationary die ilang..pastu die kate, racket die xde pn g la check racket sy ng kak ti...HILANG shuttlecock skali die kebas..pastu myn punye stationaries yg die da smpan 5 taun pun kene amik...diorg selongkar satu2 beg plastik ktorg kt luar nih...pastu suh jaja check kasut2 die, 2 pasang ilang...ktorg pn wat la andaian and profile pencurik nih..

PROFILE: The Pencuriks
* more than 1 person
* probably students - sb curik stationaries myn n reyha...
* probably jugak girls - sb kerja die cermat..klu laki msti da pecah masuk bilik n kebas helmet...da la tu curik kasut..pmpuan nih...
* probably jugak previous penyewa umah nih - sb diorg mungkin ade kunci umah ni and previous penyewa nih pempuan...dan mungkin jugak yg previous2 punye penyewa...

LIST brg2 yg hilang:
1. Peti ais (farah punye)
2. Printer (myn)
3. Rice cooker (kak ti)
4. Racket badminton 4 (reyha, jaja, kak ti n ain)
5. Storage box (reyha)
6. Alat2 tulis yg bnyk (myn ng reyha)
7. Kasut 2 pasang (jaja)
8. Cooling pad (reyha)

rasenye, stakat ni dlu brg2 yg dapat dikenalpasti..kang bile carik xjumpe, kene curik la tuh...hehe....myn da beli padlock baru...berharap sangat kejadian cmnih xberlaku lg...kesian kat kami and mangsa2 kecurian yg lain..diorg nih xbhati perut la merampas hak org lain...hal nih, biarlah menjadi urusan antara mereka ng Allah S.W.T.

nk besiap pi kelas plak..till then,