Saturday, September 24, 2011

|the invitations|

hello there..

with all the invitation of openhouse for hari raya makes me feel like i'm a famous person...*haha...

not that soooooooooooooooo many la but only 2 invitations...jebey's and farah's openhouse....jebey is my classmate while farah is u know who 12 noon, 4 cars convoyed from petronas mitc to masjid tanah, which is to jebey's, jaja, kak ti, myn and azie wear baju kurung ok..weeee....about an hour later, we safely arrived at the house and straight to the meja for the day was mee fried chicken also...i only ate the ayam goreng and myn did actualy feeds me with the mee...but only few stomach is not feeling very well...around 2 pm, all 5 of us departed from jebey's house to farah's house...the menu was nasik got myself kepala lemang 2 slices and nasik lemak and ayam goreng 3.40p.m, we went back tired la today and after isyak, around 8.30 pm we went to farah's house for tonight was laksa nyonya...i got myself lemang again and ayam goreng berempah again and brownies and cupcakes...hehehe...there are pictures for both events but the pictures were taken using myn's, we have to wait until she transfers all the pictures...ok???

guess, that's all for tonight...i'm very tired and sleepy...gudnite all....

with love,

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